I Broke My Tooth While Eating Fried Rice

I Broke My Tooth While Eating Rice in Malaysia

Not joking, I seriously broke my tooth while eating fried rice for lunch. I have always had weak teeth my entire life, with endless dentist visits starting at a very young age, so it was bound to happen sooner or later. But, while eating rice? That was a surprise for me. Having to take a trip to the dentist or doctor is something that I have been fearful of while traveling. I don’t have health insurance, therefore having to pay unexpected out of pocket expenses really worries me. Also, I have no idea about sanitation standards and regulations in these places that I visit. I simply don’t plan for things like this to happen; however, I have nothing but great things to say about my dentist experience in Malaysia.

First of all, let’s talk about the turnaround time. It’s unbelievable. I was sitting in a dentists’ chair less than hour after I broke my tooth… on a Saturday! Things like that don’t happen back home in Illinois. I remember I needed a root canal once, had to make an emergency appointment, and it was still scheduled the following day. Also, that emergency visit was an extra charge. Here in Malaysia, you just walk right into an office, no appointment needed. I waited maybe 5 minutes in the waiting room and was sent in to get my tooth fixed.

The dentist office itself was located in a very old building, which altered my expectations a bit. I honestly just wasn’t sure what to expect. However, the moment I sat in the dentist chair, everything felt familiar. Like I said, I’ve been to the dentist way too many times in my life. The doctor was very professional, clean, and sanitary. There was a slight language barrier, but that could have also been because I was a bit nervous. Words kind of went in one ear and out the other, for me. Yet, he was patient while I tried to understand simple directions, like “rinse your mouth”. You’d think I could connect the dots on that one.

Dentist in Malaysia

The visit took about 30-45 minutes to repair my tooth. He even removed the ugly silver I have had on that tooth since I was child! So, is it weird to say I love my new tooth because it actually looks like a tooth now? The price of the visit came out to be 200 RM ($50 USD). I’ve been trying to research pricing for the same service back home and it appears that it would cost nearly double. That’s not including the fee of scheduling a required appointment due to emergency. The office I visited also had the pricing for their services posted to the check-in window; so if you really wanted to, you could easily compare pricing between two different places.

Sidenote: This isn’t the only thing that’s affordable while traveling, check out my cost of livings here!

Overall, I’m more than happy about my trip to the dentist in Malaysia. Mainly because it was a very impressive experience for me. Never have I had a tooth situation get resolved so quickly. I wanted to share this event with you all because it can be intimidating without any knowledge. I also am still laughing about the fact I broke my tooth while chewing some rice… like, that’s almost baby food.

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  • Madi Dearson

    First of all you are so brave _ if that happened to me, having to go to a dentist I do not know would put me in a LOT of stress. I have a dentist anxiety of sorts. The price is AMAZING, and I am so happy you got through it easily.

    • Dianna Allen

      I was pretty nervous! Part of me didn’t want to try to find a dentist at all, I didn’t know the price, I don’t know the level of standards, but I knew I needed to get it fixed. I’m also glad it worked out well! <3

  • Indya | The Small Adventurer

    Wow, this is a super scary situation and I hope it didn’t dampen your trip too much! Honestly though, it sounds like it went really well. You’re super lucky that it didn’t cost too much and that you were able to be seen straight away. But seriously, rice is meant to be super soft?! 😂

    • Dianna Allen

      That’s the funny part about it all, there wasn’t anything wrong with the rice! My tooth must have been waiting to break all day… =P

  • Mary Joy Cagadas

    So sorry to hear about your tooth situation! But I’m glad it’s fine now. If I were on your shoes, I would definitely freak out! This is an amazing tip for everyone, Diana! I seriously wouldn’t know how to deal with something like this in a foreign country.

    • Dianna Allen

      Thanks, Mary!

      I thought it would be helpful to hear about emergency situations like this. It’s fun to talk about the joys of traveling, but also great to share vital information.

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