6 Months After Traveling the World

6 Months After Traveling the World

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From St. Louis, to Chicago, to Iceland, to Sweden… my first solo adventure began. I can still remember everything about that week. The memory of packing during the early hours of the morning while my best friend slept in my empty apartment. Or the last meal I ate in the states being a massive plate of fried rice paired with a taro bubble tea. From the moment of boarding my first flight to taking my first steps on Swedish grounds. I remember breathing the fresh air and seeing the sun on that side of the world for the first time, the thoughts of how peaceful the town was. Now almost 6 months later, I want to share a reflection of traveling the world.

During the summer, as I was preparing for the big move, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I only knew that it felt right. I don’t think you should ever suppress what you truly want in life, regardless of what the popular opinion is from other people. When you want to make a big life change, please don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. You are given one life and you should do everything in your power to make it the life you want. Very few people knew about me traveling the world before I did it and I had received a mixed response. Mostly supportive, but others advising me to really think about it and telling me dangerous things they’ve only heard about other countries.

Clearly, that didn’t affect my decision. You could say I took the risk, but I really had nothing to lose! If all else fails, I would go back home to St. Louis and live the life I was used to. However, now that I’ve seen what living in other countries is like, I have everything to lose. I wouldn’t trade this life for anything. Also, I have never felt more proud of myself. Shout out to all those doubted me! I’m even proud of myself for having this blog. I feel like I’ve found something I’m great at, sharing the world and how it’s possible for anyone. Let me remind you, I’m only a girl who wanted to travel. I’m not supported with an endless amount of money from my family. If I can do this, so can you!

Traveling for One Year Celebration

Okay, enough of my back story, let’s talk about what memorable things have happened the past 6 months I’ve been traveling the world!

– Traveled with my first one way ticket.
– Also, my first time traveling alone! Unless you count boring 5-hour drives to and from St. Louis.
– Tried real, authentic Swedish Meatballs.
– Visited a castle for the first time, and many times after.
– Attempted to sneak into the same castle.
– Partied with a bunch of Swedes and it’s true, they love their alcohol. But ya girl can keep up.
– First time in Europe, ever!
– Watched the sun set over the Baltic sea many times.
– Saw and touched a hedgehog for the first time.

– Rode in a tuk tuk for the first time!
– Went to a night market, found where all the knockoffs are sold.
– Got approached to watch many ping pong shows.
– Ate authentic Pad Thai.
– Walked into a tourist scam, in the end didn’t get scammed.
– Saw a real life crocodile dinosaur thing only 2 meters away from me.
– First time spending winter in a warm climate.
– Watched the sun rise from my cozy bed in Bangkok.

– Tried authentic Nasi Goreng.
– Celebrated New Years on the beach.
– Watched fireworks on New Years for the first time ever in person.
– Got asked to take a picture with someone because I’m white. He said he has a collection, HAH!
– Experienced a ‘travel isn’t always pretty’ moment and hand washed my clothes. Now it feels like such a luxury having a washing machine!
– Watched the most beautiful sunset I’ve ever seen. The sky was pink, purple, orange… so stunning.
– Accidentally drowned a gecko… I thought they liked water. I was actually trying to save him!
– Lived in the infamous Bali for a month.

It’s so fun to be able to sit here and think back to all my memories in each country and having this travel blog allows me to share it all with my friends and family. Also, I’m so thankful for the supportive group that surrounds me, I often get compliments that I’m ‘living the dream’. I can agree with that statement, but at the same time, I think about it and see how easy it was for me. You may disagree, but I truly think it’s only as easy as you make out it to be. Things won’t happen overnight, but if it’s what you want, then keep striving. Traveling the world isn’t impossible.

Can’t wait to see what firsts and experiences I’ll encounter this year! If you’re curious about what life has been like for me overseas, you can read more about my life abroad here.

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