60 Days of Living in Sweden

60 Days of Living in Sweden as an American

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2 words: Swedish Meatballs. Seriously, I’ve eaten that every – single – morning. I think I pass the test to become a citizen now. All jokes aside, I have really enjoyed living in Sweden the past few months! Before visiting here, I really had zero knowledge of this country. All that I can recall is being aware that it’s a good country as far as benefits go. Oh, and you can’t forget IKEA, everyone’s favorite furniture store with the most difficult assembly instructions.

First Impression

I remember my first thoughts while waiting for a taxi outside of the airport was ‘wow, it’s so calm and quiet here’. It was about 3PM (sorry, 15:00) on a Tuesday. I never thought that could be possible after living near two cities my entire life. In fact, the busiest I have ever seen an intersection here was a few days ago… there was five cars. Talk about rush hour, right?!

The States Ruined Me…

This is my first time that I have ever visited another country without my parents around and there’s a few things I noticed right away. I can thank America for giving me a hard time with these: celsius, the metric system, and the 24-hour time format, or what I would call ‘military time’. You are probably laughing at me right now (if you’re not from America) but I am not kidding when I say that I knew less than the everyday 6 year old Swede!

Cost of Living in Sweden

A huge disappointment while living in Sweden is the cost of alcohol. What I would normally buy in America is double the price here and on top of that, margaritas are basically unheard of! But that’s just the party girl in me speaking. Aside from that, I would say the cost of living is almost comparable to back home in St. Louis. Except it is a bit odd seeing vegetables and fruit a bit more of an expense, since I grew up around a surplus of corn that could end world hunger.

On the plus side, the architecture is my favorite aspect in Sweden. I already knew that was going to be my favorite part before I even stepped off the plane. Europe, in general, has that older style that I love. You won’t find any of that generic, plastic-looking siding on houses here! I could seriously walk around and look at all the buildings, castles, and homes forever and still feel like it’s my first time seeing it all.

Life here is just different from all that I have ever known. If I had to summarize my opinion of this country in three words, it would be peaceful, clean, and kind. Overall, living in Sweden has been great to me and gave me the culture shock I’ve been dying to experience, but it’s about time to move on to my next destination! Let’s just say I’m on a strict countdown these days. However, the weather here is starting to get cold and I am not about that life anymore. Can you guess where I will end up next?

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