Monthly Cost of Living in Bangkok

Bangkok Cost of Living for 1 Month

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One of the most useful things I’ve discovered while traveling is other people breaking down their costs for any given city. Seeing average amounts spent on accommodation and food really helps me narrow down where I plan to travel. I often use Venture Cost as a starting point to find a city and from there I search for YouTube videos and blog posts about people’s personal experiences. This post is going to be completely transparent about my Bangkok cost of living for 1 month.

Knowing the type of traveler you are will help put this information to good use. Do you spend more money on attractions and eating out or do you cook most days and hit up the beach? I’m all about affordable travel, so I choose the most cost efficient routes. When I was in Bangkok, I found eating out to be almost dirt cheap, so luckily for me that was a winner every day.

Airbnb Pool in Bangkok

You’ll see that the amount I spent on fun and entertainment is almost non-existent. That’s the great part about traveling… you can find amusement and joy in discovering new places for free! Walking around the city and going up and down side streets was always an adventure. I saw some interesting things: a huge dinosaur reptile thing, police halting traffic and people on the sidewalk due to important cars driving by (still want to figure out who it was), and getting scammed with the Thai mafia, maybe?

Bangkok Cost of Living

The following is a list of all my expenses throughout 28 days:

  • Restaurant: $32.75 (21 times)
  • SIM Card + Data: $17.16 (1 time)
  • Snacks: $18.04 (24 times)
  • Travel: $87.41 (26 times)
  • Shopping: $39.70 (5 times)
  • Household Items: $35.05 (12 times)
  • Groceries: $11.57 (18 times)
  • Alcohol: $17.56 (4 times)
  • Entertainment: $1.25 (1 time)
  • Accomodation: $406.78 (28 days)
    Total: $667.27

I tracked every single expense, so I don’t believe I missed out on anything. However, if you feel that I should create a new category for something just let me know!

Keeping track of your expenses is so valuable when traveling. As a matter of fact, seeing your monthly cost of living from place to place can help you understand where your money is going and if it’s worth it or not. Then adjust your spending from there. You can easily create a spreadsheet on Google and update it at the end of each day. Keep them saved for future reference when you plan on re-visiting a place.

Let me know if this is helpful to you. If you are looking for more information about traveling to Bangkok, check out my Essentials guide here!

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