Cost of Living in Bali

Bali Cost of Living for 1 Month

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Another country down, another month of expenses to talk about. The last place I shared with you was Bangkok, which you can read about here if you’re curious. Today, I’m going to give you the insight of how much the actual cost of living in Bali was for me. My entire life I always thought Bali was a tropical paradise, which meant living there was out-of-my-league expensive. However, when I did some research before visiting, I found that not to be the case at all! Reading about other personal travel bloggers numbers showed me that it is actually affordable. I saw monthly average amounts being around $800, so let’s see how I compare.

Before getting into my expenses, I’d like to take this moment to announce that I was a millionaire in Bali. It was fun quoting Trump’s “millions and millions and millions” when I opened my wallet. In all seriousness though, their currency is just insanely large numbers for such low amounts. 1,000,000 IDR equals 70 USD.

The following is a list of my cost of living in Bali throughout the 28 days I spent there:

  • Restaurant: $57.69 (16 times)
  • SIM Card + Data: $11.10 (2 times)
  • Snacks: $13.66 (17 times)
  • Travel: $15.36 (5 times)
  • Household Items: $10.70 (6 times)
  • Groceries: $31.94 (18 times)
  • Alcohol: $16.93 (4 times)
  • Entertainment: $3.70 (1 time)
  • Accommodation: $395.99 (28 days)
    Total: $557.07

Uh, what?! Not even $600 spent for a month’s cost of living in Bali? Seems impossible, but these numbers are as real as it gets. I remember when I visited Canada for 10 days back in 2016 and I spent $600 during that time. That was before I was travel savvy and knew how to cut costs. Like my pro-tip of staying in Airbnb’s versus hotels.

Cost of Living in Bali

You might think that I was doing the bare minimum during this month, but that’s not the case. In fact, I discovered an app called Go Jek (trust me, you’ll love it) and ordered pizza and pasta quite frequently during my last week there. Now that I think about it, too much pizza. Oops. I even spent New Years on the beach, which was literally a blast. I have burn marks on my towel and legs to prove it. Anyways, that was a cost of 100% free. Best fireworks I’ve seen in my entire life. Oh, and those were the first fireworks that I’ve ever seen in person on New Years. Sounds a little sad, but it can’t get any more memorable than that!

My accommodation wasn’t fancy by any means, but the first place I lived included daily cleaning. I’m even embarrassed to say they washed my dishes. The second place had it’s own pros, you can read all about that Airbnb experience here. Both places were located about 10 minutes to the beach, in terms of driving. You really can’t beat that for the price!

After adding up my cost of living in Bali, I was shocked! What are your thoughts?

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  • Krista @ Reroute Lifestyle

    Wow I’m so impressed you spent so little in Bali! I love the warungs with the cheap indo food – but my cost of living for one month will probably be just under $1,000 after accommodation, FOOD, coworking space, etc. Like how did you spend so little on food?!

    … probably avoiding all the expensive restaurants near Batu Balong xD

    • Dianna Allen

      Hi Krista!
      I can definitely understand how your cost of living is higher, Canggu can definitely add up! If I can remember correctly, I actually cooked almost all of meals at home during my entire stay. I ate out a few times at restaurants, and really didn’t utilize Go Jek until the last week of my stay. I have a personal goal to spend at most $10 a day (after accommodation is paid) and keeping a spreadsheet of my expenses really helps me with staying on track! The rainy days in Bali definitely aided in keeping my spending down =)

      I previously was in Thailand before Bali, and the cost of food is actually lower there. So comparing to that, I had little interest in eating out unless it was to try cultural food, like nasi goreng!

  • Wiki

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  • Chloe

    I had no idea that it could be so inexpensive to spend a month living in Bali! This is one of the places on my travel bucket list, and I really enjoy reading about expenses travelling in different places as it is so helpful when travelling on a budget!! Loved reading this post!!
    Chloe x

    • Dianna Allen

      I’m glad I could provide some insight on expenses for you! I think it truly comes down to your accommodation. First, being the cost of your accommodation and second, is it close to everything you need? If it’s not, then you’re definitely going to spend more using transportation.

      Thanks for reading, Chloe! <3

    • Dianna Allen

      I actually don’t think I’ve mentioned that before! But that’s because it’s a mix. Most of the time, I travel alone. But if I can get one of my friends to join me, then that’s even better =D

  • Evelyne | evydraws

    Thanks for the detailed breakdown – especially those small things like SIM cards can add up pretty quickly in some places so it’s good to know in advance! And your grocery expenses make me cry tears of envy… 🙂
    Now I want to go to Bali even more!

    • Dianna Allen

      Hi Evelyne!

      I’m a numbers person, as much as math frustrates me haha, so seeing everything laid out in detail like this is helpful to me and I’m glad it’s helpful for you too! I was SHOCKED to see how low the costs were once adding it all up! I do hope you get to visit Bali sometime soon! <3

  • Anna

    Bali has always been a place to visit on my bucket list. I never knew it could be that cheap though, I always thought it would be crazy expensive since it’s such a beautiful destination. This post motivates me to want to go even more!

    • Dianna Allen

      I know, it’s shocking!

      With my future cost of living posts, I’m going to try to go into more detail with HOW I’m able to keep my costs low. Or maybe just a separate post about how I do it all? But I’m so glad I can inspire you to keep track of you expenses! It’s really helpful to see it all =)

  • Nicole

    This is insane! I’m SO jealous. You know how much I’ve spent in Barcelona..and how much I’m spending in Melbourne! You are reeeaallly making me want to go to Bali after. Maybe I’ll spend good amounts of time in each country in Asia — and live like a queen! Haha. Way to go!!

    • Dianna Allen

      Honestly Nicole, you really can live like a queen in some of these southeast Asian countries! Bali and Chiang Mai are the BEST places I’ve visited so far, your dollar goes so far there. Especially with food, the best part haha!

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