Ho Chi Minh City Cost of Living

1 Month in Ho Chi Minh City Cost of Living

I’m back with another cost of living breakdown! Are you tired of these yet? I feel like I get a little better at explaining my expenses each time I write one of these. So, today I’m going to be sharing my Ho Chi Minh City cost of living for 1 month.

I actually spent the last two months in Vietnam, but I figured it would be easier to share my monthly average of how much it cost to live in Ho Chi Minh City. If you want to know how much I spent overall, you can watch my YouTube video below. Oh yeah… I forgot to mention, I created a YouTube channel! It would mean the absolute world to me if you subscribed.

Please note that I filmed this Ho Chi Minh City cost of living video two days before I actually left Vietnam, so the numbers below are the final numbers. Therefore, more accurate.

Ho Chi Minh City Cost of Living for 1 Month
  • Accommodation: $547.80
  • Daily Expenses: $173.40
  • Total for 1 Month: $721.20

I found my accommodation through Airbnb. Usually, I aim for an entire apartment to myself, but I wasn’t able to find much within my budget (usually $400 to $600). So, I settled on a shared accommodation. I had a very comfortable stay; the place was located in District 3, it was modern, had good wifi, and free drinking water. Can’t complain much!

However, I was surprised to find accommodation to be more pricey than other destinations in southeast Asia. Especially since I wasn’t looking in District 1 (the city centre). The price could reflect a high tourist season, although I’m not sure.

Daily Expenses

As far as my daily expenses, I typically try to keep a monthly budget between $150-$200 and I ended up right in the middle. Here’s a breakdown of everything I purchased:

  • Groceries: $63.25
  • Restaurant: $47.56
  • Snacks: $5.18
  • Alcohol: $17.03
  • Household Items: $6.15
  • Transportation: $12.54
  • Shopping: $17.62
  • Salon & Spa: $13.21
  • Phone SIM + Data: $12.77
  • Activities: $6.17
  • Health: $2.38

Ho Chi Minh City Cost of Living

Spending Habits

Even though there is street food everywhere and it’s super cheap, I actually wasn’t interested in eating it. Instead, I cooked almost all of my meals. I ate out in actual restaurants only a few times a month. If you follow me on Twitter, then you know my Pizza 4P’s addiction is real! I also ate a few meals from a Vietnamese restaurant that’s located in the same plaza as the grocery store I bought from.

As far as my grocery spending, you’re probably in doubt that I only spent $63 in a month. Trust me, I’ve heard it all. Not sure how to defend myself there, but a few typical meals I cooked during my time in Vietnam were katsu curry and rice, schnitzel and potatoes, stir-fried vegetables with eggs, and lots of french fries and fruit for when I needed a midnight snack. For breakfast, I had an omelette with bell peppers and onions.

I don’t typically go shopping, but my hair straightener did break since it’s not dual-voltage. I basically exploded it… however, a local girl from a salon helped me purchase an even better one for a fair price.

As far as household items, I consider these things to be mostly bathroom products. I didn’t have to replace many things while living in Ho Chi Minh City, just hair conditioner and toothpaste. I also bought some plastic cups and straws because I invited people over for drinks. Also, don’t hate me for buying plastic; when I left, my Airbnb host ended up gifting me with locally made bamboo straws. I’m officially a part of helping the environment just a little bit more!

Alcohol was extremely affordable in grocery stores. I found some Vietnamese liquor for $1 and vodka for about $3. I also split this category pretty evenly between that and buying drinks while out. My most expensive drink out being a Bloody Mary for about $7… which was so damn tasty! I haven’t had one since I lived in Chicago.

For transportation, I used Grab everywhere. I noticed that Grab in Vietnam has been the cheapest out of all the other southeast Asia countries I’ve visited. In Ho Chi Minh City, I often caught rides from $1 to $3 between District 1 and District 3.

Something new for me during this trip was getting a massage and facial. Since my Airbnb was located above a spa, I figured why not try it out! It was super relaxing and I really enjoyed both services. For $13 total, it really can’t be beat.

Again, this is my Ho Chi Minh City cost of living for 1 month. If you want my full breakdown of the past two months you can watch the YouTube video above or check out my trip details on Venture Cost.

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