Being Back In Thailand Chiang Mai

Being Back in Thailand

It’s a weird feeling. A good feeling. Thailand was the first country I went to when I started traveling around southeast Asia. At the time, it was exciting to be in a warm country during what was supposed to be winter. I actually landed in Bangkok a couple days before Thanksgiving and being from the midwest of the U.S., I’m only used to being in temperatures below 8 celsius during November. Now that I’m visiting Chiang Mai, I have much more to be excited for.

Chiang Mai International Airport

This weather, you either hate it or love it. I honestly love it. When I first visited Thailand, I thought the weather in Bangkok was so hot, almost too hot. However, after traveling for more almost 5 months now, I’ve learned to avoid the temperature peaks throughout the day. I try to stay inside from noon to about 3 in the afternoon. I often hear of people visiting Asia for the first time and complaining about the heat, but you have to learn how to avoid it. It’s truly only terrible for a few hours a day. The mornings are wonderful and the evenings are much better. It’s refreshing to be back in Thailand because the heat is dry – something I took for granted the first time I was here!

Chiang Mai was actually the first place I looked into visiting in Asia, but flying from Sweden wasn’t ideal. Which is why I ended up in Bangkok initially. I remember watching so many YouTube videos in preparation for Thailand, about 80% of them being located in Chiang Mai. So, even though it took a couple months, I feel like I’ve been prepared to visit this area for a while now. It’s just so fun seeing all these little things in person. Things such as Maya Mall, songthaew’s, and the digital nomad community that has been built here.

Street Food Chiang Mai

Since I left Bangkok, I had mixed feelings before visiting Chiang Mai because Bangkok wasn’t ideal for me. The traffic was insane, spoken English was poor, and the city life just isn’t my thing. However, I spent one day walking around Chiang Mai and I’m in love. I say this about everywhere I visit, that I always fall in love with the area; but that’s because everywhere I visit keeps getting better and better! This time is different though, I’m really not sure if I can find an area better than here in Asia.

The spoken English is great and the food is delicious and cheap. Kuala Lumpur had this pro but the food is still noticeably cheaper here in Chiang Mai. Everyone is also so friendly, and I even found a restaurant with a killer margarita for a great price! The place is called Half Time Cafe and I highly recommend it. It’s only a couple minutes from the cat cafe, Catmosphere. I also have visited there and I never wanted to leave! I even lured a cat into my bag in hopes of being able to sneak him away.

Catmosphere Cat Cafe Chiang Mai

Sidenote: If you want to read more about how affordable Thailand is, read my previous cost of living in Bangkok here!

This post is more of a life update, since many people have been checking in on me due to my lack of posting – on the blog and on social media. I guess I’m not good at following a schedule, but it’s nice to know people miss hearing about my travels! All is going well and I can’t wait to explore more of Chiang Mai over the next two weeks.

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