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From Canggu to Kuala Lumpur

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I’ve spent the past 28 days in Bali and it’s officially time to say goodbye. I honestly have mixed feelings about the island. Part of me hates it (unheard of, right?!) and part of me wants to give it a second chance. I’m involved with so many digital nomad groups on Facebook and everyone hypes up Bali, but I really don’t see it. Maybe visiting Ubud or somewhere more north will change my opinion next time. You can read more about my experiences in Bali here. For now, I will continue my journey around Asia and move onto Kuala Lumpur!

I’m really beginning to feel like a pro when it comes to navigating airports. The old me would be at the airport 3 hours before my flight even boards, this time I arrived with an hour to spare. Who am I?! My flight with Air Asia began boarding at 1:15pm and by the time my Uber dropped me off, it was a few minutes past noon.

From Canggu to Kuala Lumpur

Flying around southeast Asia has been insanely affordable. If I can remember correctly, my ticket was around $50 from DPS to KUL. Air Asia is my number one choice in regards to flights here. Even their meals during flight are so affordable! I pre-booked mine for $3 and for some airplane kung pao chicken, it was delicious. The flight was 3 hours and went by pretty quickly.

When I landed in KLIA2 (one of the Kuala Lumpur airports), I proceeded to find the bus counters. The airport is actually located about 45 minutes outside of the city, so the most affordable way to get to your accommodation is often by bus. I paid $3, you seriously cannot find that price back home in the states! The bus route that I boarded was from KLIA2 to KL Sentral.

Bus Ticket Counter in KLIA2

KL Sentral is the center hub for all trains that travel within Kuala Lumpur. You can also travel outside the city to get to farther destinations, such as Penang or Ipoh. Once arriving in KL Sentral, I met with Vivian. She’s the host of my accommodation. No Airbnb this time, but that’s because I tried to book way too late. However, I’m so happy I met Vivian, she provided excellent details and suggestions about KL, Penang, and pretty much anywhere and everywhere in Malaysia.

From there, we used a taxi to get to our accommodation. When I was researching which areas to stay, everyone suggested Bukit Bintang. It looks great, heart of the city appeal, but it is also quite pricey. I’m currently staying in Taman Desa and I love it! Everything is within walking distance of my condo. There are so many options of places to eat, convenience stores, as well as massage places and a massive grocery store. By far the best location I’ve lived during my travels.

After arriving to my new temporary home, the time was around 8pm. Vivian then guided me around the places I would find useful during my stay and treated me to dinner. Which was so delicious! The food here is incomparable to Thailand and Indonesia because Malaysia is the melting pot. You can find all types of asian cuisine from Chinese, Indian, Malay, Japanese and basically every other country! It is so cheap too!

Steamboat in Taman Desa

Not even 24 hours of me living in Malaysia and I knew that I never wanted to leave. This country is honestly a hidden gem. I want to keep it my little secret forever, but it truly deserves the tourism. I haven’t been here for long, but I already advocate that this country is better than Thailand and Bali. You know, every digital nomad’s favorite locations. Call me the black sheep, I guess.

After eating, we ended the night chatting away and Vivian helped set me up with some necessities. Things like a SIM card and transportation card. She even wrote down a list of places I must visit, things I have to try, and I cannot thank her enough for her time and efforts. I’m so excited to see what Kuala Lumpur has to offer, starting with the Petronas towers! I heard foreigners can visit the skywalk for free when they show their passport. I’ll keep you all updated with that one.

Have you visited Kuala Lumpur? What did you think about the city?

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  • Krista @ Reroute Lifestyle

    OKAY, this is so cool. Malaysia wasn’t really on my radar UNTIL I had a stopover here on my way to Bali! When I was browsing for places to fly to after this… I was so surprised by the prices of flights, I’m definitely considering going there next.

    I feel like you cemented my decision to head there next.

    How is the Internet where you are?!


    • Dianna Allen

      YES! I’m so glad you’re open to visiting Malaysia!

      Air Asia is actually based in Kuala Lumpur, so the flights will always be cheapest to and from there. As far as internet, I was worried since I heard Malaysia is the least connected, however, it’s a huge upgrade coming from Bali! I have an internet package with my SIM card to use as a hotspot, and it’s fantastic. The condo I’m staying in is also getting advertisements about fiber internet, so it’s definitely improving overall. You can tell KL is trying to keep up with the Joneses and I truly believe in 5 years, it will be the new digital nomad hub! =)

      Can’t wait to hear about your experience here!

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