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Hi there!

I’m Dianna – the traveler and writer behind Outglobing.

I was born and raised in southern Illinois, a town close to St. Louis, MO. However, being of Filipino descent, I was exposed to different cultures at a very young age. Actually, my first trip to the Philippines was when I was only 10 months old! Since then, I have visited many times. One visit lasted an entire summer and I even remember attending school in the village with my cousins. What an experience, right?!

Aside from visiting my family every few years, I never was able to experience visiting another country until I was 23 years old. I visited Canada for the first time in 2016 and that was when my love for travel truly began. Canada had a very rich French culture and I embraced every second of it. Through this trip, I learned that traveling doesn’t have to be expensive. With that in mind, I made it a priority to see as much of the world as I could, even if it meant starting with a few cities near my home.

Fast foward to summer of 2017, I packed up my life in only two suitcases to travel the world. I cut all my commitments in the U.S. from breaking my apartment contract to selling my car and quitting my job. I have an on-going joke that I’m homeless, jobless, and everything else no one ever wants to be. Did I mention college dropout too? All jokes aside (even though I’m serious), I have never been happier in my entire life!

Since then, I’ve downsized my life to only carry the necessities and I have lived in five countries across the world. While I’m not completely jobless (I know how to make a few bucks here and there), I still am new to this digital nomad lifestyle.

Lumphini Park Bangkok ThailandLumphini Park Bangkok Thailand

I’m a firm believer in budget traveling that includes not having to sacrifice a quality life of fun and adventures. Through traveling, I have learned to watch out for tourist traps, living on a budget (you will be amazed what $800 can get you), and much more.

So, what does Outglobing even mean? I wanted to coin a term that is synonymous with traveling. Something along the lines of just getting out there and exploring new destinations. My purpose of this blog is to share my experiences of life outside the U.S. and hopefully inspire others to take their first steps into unknown places.

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